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Customer Service Team

Uni-edit wishes to provide you with convenient and fast service.

Ozy Abram – Founder, Chief Editor, and Account Manager for Asia Pacific

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Hello, I'm Ozy, the founder and Chief Editor at Uni-edit. I am a native-speaker of English and am conversant in Mandarin. I am responsible for the day-to-day running of Uni-edit and managing the team of translators and editors and ensuring customers receive the service they desire. Please email me in English or Chinese at ozysmile@gmail.com or ozy@uni-edit.net.


Daniel Boles – Global Account Manager

Daniel Boles

Hi, I'm Daniel, the Operations and Marketing Manager. I am a native-speaker of English from America and am deeply engaged with authors and publishers in academic writing and publishing. I also present academic writing and publishing workshops for graduate students and professors. Place your order for English editing or translation at uniedit.global@gmail.com or contact me personally at daniel.uniedit@gmail.com or on Skype, daniel.uniedit.


Yuki Nagayama – Account Manager for Japan

Yuki Nagayama

こんにちは。Uni-edit営業マ ネージャーのYukiです。日本人で、長年ヨーロッパに在住経験があります。英語、中国語共に堪能です。お客様が必要とされる最高 のサービスを提供できるよう最善を尽くします。ご不明な点がございましたら、Eメール uniedit.japan@gmail.com  または50 5539 5859までご連絡ください。
Hello, I'm Yuki account manager for Uni-edit Japan. I'm a native Japanese speaker and spent many years in Europe. I am conversant in English and Mandarin too. I'll do my best to ensure clients in Japan are receiving the service they desire. Please email me at uniedit.japan@gmail.com or phone me on 50 5539 5859.


Leigh Huang – Account Manager for Taiwan and mainland China

Leigh Huang

大家好,我是黃莉茹,為征文翻譯社新加入的華語服務專員,主要語言為國語及台語,到美國留學多年並於以服務為標竿的Disney World實習。旅行超過20個國家,明瞭東西方溝通文化差異點。作為征文及客戶間的橋樑,我將盡力提供客戶滿意的服務品質。請聯絡電子郵件信箱uniedit.taiwan@gmail.com 或手機:+886 (0)975 830 877。
Hello,I am Leigh Huang, an account manager for Taiwan and Mainland China.  I am a native speaker of Mandarin and Taiwanese.  I have spent a number of years studying in the United States, during which time I received an opportunity to undergo an internship at Disney World learning to provide outstanding customer service. I am also an experienced traveler having visited over 20 countries all over the world, so I understand and appreciate the differences between East-West communication styles. My role as Uni-edit's account manager is to clearly understand client needs and provide excellent service that meets their expectations.  Please email ma at uniedit.taiwan@gmail.com or phone me on +886 (0)975 830 877.

Vivian Wu -  Account Manager for Taiwan and mainland China

Vivian Wu

您好,我是吳佳玲,為征文翻譯社華語服務專員,主要語言是國語及台語,並能以英文作國際性的溝通。從Ozy 和 征文的編輯團隊中,我得到了充分的訓練,我很高興能在學術和研究的領域裡工作。在這之前,我曾在電子商業界裡協助美國, 歐洲和東南亞客戶作專案的管理。

在征文,我將盡力作好溝通的角色,為您服務滿足您的需求。請聯絡電子郵件信箱uniedit.taiwan@gmail.com 或手機:+886 (0)975 919 608。

Hello, I am Vivian Wu, an account manager for Taiwan and Mainland China.  I am a native speaker of Mandarin and Taiwanese, and I can communicate internationally using English. Ozy and the Uni-edit team have fully trained me and I'm excited to work with

academics and researchers.  Previously, I worked in project management in the electronics business community assisting clients in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia.

At Uni-edit, I will do my best to serve and communicate in order to meet your needs.  Please email me at uniedit.taiwan@gmail.com or phone me directly on +886 (0)975 919 608。