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Uni-edit is a growing business and is recruiting talented English editors and translators in most subject areas. Professional editors and translators, professors, researchers and research students are welcome to apply.

Job descriptions

icon Subject-matter expert English editor (356 kB)
icon Academic research translator (351.5 kB)

Higher demand subjects for English editors
Currently Uni-edit has a higher demand for English editors in the fields of:

  • Information Technology
  • Business and Management
  • Engineering: Civil, Environmental, Mechanical, Robotics, Electrical, Electronic

Higher demand subjects for Chinese-English translators
Currently Uni-edit has a higher demand for Chinese-English translators in the fields of:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Materials Science
  • Engineering

Higher demand subjects for Japanese-English translators
Currently Uni-edit has a higher demand for Japanese-English translators in the fields of:

  • Medicine

Higher demand subjects for Korean-English translators
Currently Uni-edit has a higher demand for Korean-English translators in the fields of:

  • All fields are invited to apply

How to apply
In your application, please include the following:

1. a cover letter
2. your resume
3. a list of academic grades and publications
4. samples of your work eg. English editing, translations or manuscripts
5. an indication of your expected pay

Address your application to Ozy Abram at Your application will be treated confidentially and Ozy will reply promptly.

Application process
We will review your application shortly after receiving your email. If your background and skills indicate suitability, you will receive some information about working with Uni-edit for your further consideration. Next, applicants are asked to perform an unpaid test edit or test translation. The test can be done at your own pace. Your test effort will be appraised by the Uni-edit team. Applicants whose test demonstrates the skills Uni-edit is looking for are offered an opportunity. You will receive further documented information about the details of the working arrangement. We will then schedule a 1- to 2-hour orientation phone call so that we can know each other personally and to discuss the working arrangement and answer any questions you might have. Uni-edit looks to build long-term relationships with editors and translators based on trust, a positive approach, and professionalism.