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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use your service?
The procedure is simple. Please choose your country at the top of the screen and then click on 'submit paper' from the menu.
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Can students receive a discount?
For students who wish to publish their research in conference proceedings or in a journal, the normal editing fee is discounted by up to 10%. The discount may apply if the customer is the main author and is a full-time unemployed student and the entire manuscript is being edited at Level 2 or above, or translated, at standard speed.
For students who wish to have their thesis edited by a native-speaker of English, Uni-edit provides a very economical service. Please click thesis editing.

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When should I pay?
Please pay within 7 days after you receive your edited paper. After you make the transfer, please inform to check the funds have arrived.

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How do I pay?

     There are three accepted payment methods: credit card and Paypal.

Credit Card: Please click Pay by Credit Card and follow the instructions.

PayPal: Please send your payment to

Bank transfer: Please see the Submit paper section, which contains bank account details.


Can I get a receipt?
Yes, please inform customer service if you need a PDF receipt. 
Please include:If you have a special request for your receipt, please contact Ozy.

what name to write on the receipt

an address for sending the receipt

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How long does the editing take?
Most jobs take between 5 and 14 days to complete. For example, a conference paper with Level 1 editing would take 5 days. A 25-page journal paper for Level 3 editing with Target Tutor would take 14 days. Ozy will inform you of the completion date before commencing editing.

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Is there an express service?
Yes. For an additional 50% fee, your editing job can be completed in 3 to 5 days.

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I think my English is poor. Do I need the rewriting service?
If you think your paper needs rewriting, please ask Ozy. Ozy will determine if rewriting is required and inform you before editing your paper. Generally, if more than 20% of sentences need rewriting (the whole sentence needs correction) then you must use the rewriting service. For rewriting, you do need to choose a Level. We will do the best editing job possible.

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For a journal paper, Level 2 or Level 3 editing?

You can choose. After your manuscript receives Level 2 English editing, the reviewer of the journal will most likely be satisfied with the English in your paper. For many journals, Level 2 English editing is sufficient. However, if the journal has a high impact factor or highly reputable, choose Level 3 English editing.

For very technical papers, Level 2 English editing is generally sufficient. For papers that have a lot of prose (such as papers in the humanities), Level 3 is often recommended.

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My paper is very technical. Should I choose Level 2 English editing or Level 3 English editing?

The Uni-edit team's goal is the clarify your intended meaning for readers, including the journal editors. For papers that are very dense with technical ideas (a lot of mathematics, formulas, or logical connections), usually Level 2 English is sufficient.

You may still choose Level 3 English editing, but the amount of changes for paragraph and document structure and argument formation will be limited. The Editors usually will not change these aspects because it risks damaging the author's intended meaning, for papers that are very dense with technical ideas.

The amount of editing for Level 3 English editing for papers dense with technical ideas will only be a little more than for Level 2 English editing.

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Do you check figures and tables?
Yes, our editing is not only about correct English grammar. Our editing is about supporting you to get your paper published and help the readers understand your research. Therefore, we check figure captions and labels; information in tables and we check that text descriptions match equations. We also check the text descriptions match graphs and charts.

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Can you edit my manuscript again?
Yes. You may like Uni-edit to edit your paper again after you make changes or after a journal review. Small checks are free of charge. A discount applies otherwise.

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Who will edit my paper?
To achieve a consistently high quality service, Uni-edit has two Editors edit your conference or journal paper. The first Editor is qualified in your general area of expertise. The second Editor is also qualified in your general area and has exceptional English and editing skills. All Editors are professionally trained. Ozy takes overall responsibility for the quality of editing and guarantees all editing performed. Authors are often surprised how the Editors seem to understand the content of the research, even if it is very technical or mathematical.

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Can we accept LaTeX files?
Yes. Please send all the files (including linked files) and also send a compiled PDF. We will convert the LaTeX files into a Microsoft Word document to perform the editing. You will receive the editing as a Microsoft Word document. There is a small handling charge.

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