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Organizational partnering for publishers, journals & departments

In a globalized world, organizations are receiving more and more quality research. Equally, this research needs to be presented in quality English. How is your organization handling this influx? Are you looking for a way to sift through the sand and find the diamonds, or make them shine even brighter?

Uni-edit extends the trusted, personalized language expertise offered to individual researchers to the institutional and organizational level. We actively encourage publishers, journals, societies, universities, and businesses to partner with us.

Uni-edit are specialists in journal manuscripts, conference papers, research reports, theses, dissertations, presentations, university applications, book chapters, and websites.



organizational partnership

enjoy volume discounts

personalized service

tailored workflows for your organization

specialists in academic texts

academic English style suitable for the publication type

trustworthiness across academia
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adherence to ethics of the academic publication industry


Customer service

Uni-edit offers customer service in English, Japanese, and Chinese. All our staff are bilingual and knowledgeable of language and support service needs of publishers, journals, universities, and research departments. We offer friendly, patient, and flexible service.



single point of contact who is knowledgeable of your needs

clear communication channel with Uni-edit

knowledgeable customer service team

your organizational needs are quickly assessed and understood

multi-lingual customer service team

no language barriers


Academic English Editing service

The Uni-edit recruitment process is painstaking. Academic Editors who work with us are hired based on their professionalism, high academic attainment, work ethic, exemplary English writing, and their ability to respect authors and authorial meaning.

Our Editors iron out the language so your readers can appreciate the research. Authors and journals alike appreciate our enhancement of clear communication combined with abstention from criticism.



improved quality of English language

complaints about language from peer reviews minimized

native English speaking editors

texts that impress the experts

subject specialist editors

appreciation by readership of correct and modern terminology

paper-by-paper project management

each paper receives due care and on-time or early delivery

authorial meaning respected

reduced iterations between author and journal editors


Faithful Translation service

Uni-edit specializes in bringing academic research into English. In combination with our English editing service, manuscripts are faithful in meaning to the original and written in academic style that adheres to the preferences of your publication.



faithful translation services

respect for your authors’ research

reduced iterations between author and journal editor

subject matter specialist translators

appreciation by readership of correct and modern terminology

globalizing local content

Helps authors get recognized in international databases


Our Partners

Uni-edit partners enjoy a long-term relationship with people responsive to their needs, familiar with the publishing industry, and capable of delivering satisfying solutions.



long-term relationships

continuity of high-level standard of service

refined collaborative processes to increase efficiency

single point of contact who is knowledgeable of your needs

clear communication channel with Uni-edit

personalized service

tailored workflows for your organization
personalized invoicing

preferential assigning of editors and translator

consistent editing and translation results of highest quality


Other services

Uni-edit's team of experts can assist with manuscript screening, peer reviewers, and pre-production services such as formatting and References.


Real Uni-edit Case Studies


Case Study #1: Translating Technical Documents for a Major University Hospital

In a push to internationalize its services, a major national hospital received a government mandate to translate its biomedical safety protocols into English.

Native-Chinese translators were partnered with native-English editors. Collaborative workflows enhanced communication between translators and editors and ensured consistency between documents translated by different staff.


  • Hospital received government accreditation for internationalization, which met the government mandate.

Benefits to the major university hospital

  • Single point of contact in local language for streamlined workflows
  • Highly accurate documentation suite for international audience
  • Native-style English medical documentation
  • Consistency of terminology across entire document suite


Case Study #2: English Language Editing for a Mechanical Engineering Journal

A group of Taiwanese researchers wished to start a new journal to showcase new developments in mechanical engineering. The researchers were non-native speakers of English, as were many of their contributing authors. They consulted Uni-edit about a long-term partnership to outsource their English language editing.

Uni-edit worked with the group to design a customized workflow and schedule for submitted journals. Workflow included follow-up editing of manuscripts and of cover letters & responses to peer reviewer letters.


  • With Uni-edit's academic English editing on all papers, the journal has now published it's first issue and is preparing it's 2nd issue

Benefits to the journal

  • Steadfast reputation owing to the high standard of English in every published manuscript
  • Journal spent less time on pre-production tasks and the publishing cycle was reduced because the submissions received conformed to journal requirements
  • Journal’s editors and reviewers concentrated more on reviewing research content and less on language
  • Authors appreciated a discount, which attracted repeat contributions


Case Study #3: Language Assistance for a Journal Submission Process

A new Taiwanese journal was developing its publication processes, and needed assistance with English language components. These included author communications, standard forms, and website text.

Consistent editor pairing with documentation that ensured consistent terminology across letters and webpages. Beyond simple language editing, editors provided suggestions on additions, changes, or clarifications that could improve the journal’s tone and professional voice. Uni-edit staff also trained the journal staff on document management and communication strategies.


  • With Uni-edit's communications consulting, the journal succesfully managed it's first issue without any communication issues.

Benefits to the journal

  • Journal was a success, attracting many authors who were experts in the field
  • Journal could ensure its publication process conformed to standards in the field.
  • Journal could promptly contact its authors and communicate clearly.
  • Journal staff reduced the publishing cycle because the submissions received already conformed to journal requirements