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I am Assistant Professor Wang Li from the School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology. I publish around 5 manuscripts each year and therefore require professional English editing service to speed up the publication process and ensure the quality of the manuscripts. Uni-edit understands the strict submission deadlines imposed on academics; they are very reliable and always deliver jobs on time.

So far, Uni-edit has edited 2 manuscripts for me; Ozy and the Uni-edit team always respond to any comments I have during the editing process promptly and provide great editing service. The fee charged for the service is very reasonable ; the services are provided based on trust and respect between Uni-edit and the client, which adds a human touch. I will definitely continue working with Uni-edit and recommend their services to other professors and researchers so they can benefit from Uni-edit’s services too!”

- Wang Li
School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center,  Scientific Research Division, Yu-Jong Wu

Uni-edit understands the stringent review process and deadlines in journal publishing. They always reply promptly to my questions and resolve issues very efficiently. In addition, Uni-edit’s pricing is also very reasonable.

- Yu-Jong Wu (Scientific Research Division, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan)

AEI movie, Producer, Dorothy Chen

AEI movie is a young film production company, has committed to funding and creation for youth directors. A couple of years ago, in order to make the movie subtitles in Chinese is readable for Chinese speaking audiences, we have found Uni-edit and it helped to translate movie subtitles perfectly.  I believe most of new opened companies or individual studios will need the services from Uni-edit.  They could help to translate and edit the requests with international business strategies and thinking to help their consumers with fast and accurate services.  When I received the translated file, I found they made the clear CHECKs for me to explain why they translated a little bit different from my original Chinese to make it more native.  The most important thing is the customer service agent Leigh who can provide fast and professional service to solve problems for customers.  Highly recommend you to contact Uni-eidt.

- Dorothy Chen
AEI movie

National Taiwan University, ​Associate Professor and Head, Division of Ordinary Anesthesiology Dr. Shou-Zen Fan

My name is Shouzen Fan, associate Professor of Department of Anesthesiology in College of Medicine, NTU and Director of Anesthesiology of NTUH. Writing papers occupied most of my time, except hospital work and teaching. Even though I was trained well on medical research and English writing, I can’t squeeze extra time for polish English better. It could save my time and increase the chance to get paper published., if I can get help from a professional English editing company to express my meaning clearly. Why I chose Uni-edit?

1. They use 2 medical background editors work on my paper
2. CHECK comments help me to make sure the meaning correctly
3. I could learn better on academic English writing from their editing
4. With their knowledgeable customer service, I could get clear Chinese explanation to meet my needs. I can feel they give a strict training on their staff.
5. The turnaround time and fee are clear and reasonable.
6. Help me to apply funding reimbursement with quotation and local invoice which is fa-piao.

I strongly recommend you should give Uni-edit a try. At least call them to ask the service, workflow. Then you will understand you are making a right decision of choosing an English editing service.

- Dr. Shou-Zen Fan
Associate Professor and Head, Division of Ordinary Anesthesiology
National Taiwan University and National Taiwan University Hospital

VIDEO National Taiwan University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Alex Chou

Hello everyone, I am Alex Chou and I am currently employed at Auden Techno Corp. I was referred to Uni-edit by my peer at the famous Department of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University. The reason I needed Uni-edit's service was to help with publishing at least one paper in an international journal. Uni-edit was careful and thorough in assisting me with my research text and the correctness of the grammar and language.This help made me successful in the paper submission stage to the journal as well as the response letter. The main reason I like Uni-edit is they only assign English native-speaker editors who related background related to my research to each of my papers. I am glad to introduce and recommend the Uni-edit English Editing Service to all authors

Film URL :

- Alex Chou, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University

National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering,  Associate Technologist Kung- Juin Wang

The paper "ISEE Part II. .. " has been accepted smoothly. Thanks a lot for your professional editing help. I do like your service, especially the target tutoring. It not only opened my eyes but also helped me learn something new. I definitely will contact you again when I need your service. ”

- Kung- Juin Wang, Associate Technologist, NCREE

Mr. Chief Editor Ozy Abram of Uni-edt,
I am the author Li Liqing of editing job code P043001HIT.  I have read the manuscript been edited through your company's service. Thanks editors for their help! I am sending a letter of recommendation; hope it can make more people to find Uni-edit, to help them submit the paper successfully.

Recommendation as follow:

Through my friend Wang Li introduced, I chose the Uni-edit for my English manuscript editing. In the past I wrote the manuscript and edited it by myself, always received the comments with “obscure English, do not understand the author's intention" from the reviewers, that feels very frustrated because I spent a lot of times and efforts to edit my paper. I decided to adopt Uni-edit’s help. After editing the manuscript, feel Uni-edit editors understand the author's ideas. Uni-edit understand the academic rigor of the review system, the manuscript on time delivery. Uni-edit customer service officers with the author's native language to communicate, this service is very convenient. In view of the Uni-edit of a good and robust service, I have already recommended a friend to use Uni-edit of editing services.


- Li Liqing
Harbin Institute of Technology

National Chiao Tung University, Kevin Chiang

I am a PhD candidate of College of Computer Science of National Chiao Tung University.  It is over 3 years now since the first paper asked Uni-edit for English editing. Uni-edit is a very important language partner  for a non-native speaker researcher like me.  Uni-edit team helps me to improve my paper in Egnlsih and then get published to other researchers.  I also got feedbacks from all over the world.  It makes my academic study gradually broaden horizons.  Usually I planned to write one or 2 academic papers for publishing in one year.  Before asking Uni-edit’s service, I have tried out other English editing companies and I feel more confidence to send my paper to Uni-edit.  Because the quality and speed from Uni-edit is better than others.  Uni-edit’s team could understand the expressed meaning and give comments quite fast.  This is a trustable partner and I recommend you to try.

- Kevin Chiang
PhD candidate,
College of Computer Science
National Chiao Tung University

National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan,  Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Alvin Hung Email:

I would like to recommend University English Editing and Translation Service (Uni-edit) to people who encounter difficulties in their English journal paper writing. Ozy, the chief editor, has developed a very professional team to help me remove this kind of problems. Thanks to Ozy and his great team, my first IEEE article will be published this month. If you are looking for someone to help you improve the quality of your paper, don’t hesitate to call and ask Ozy. I can guarantee that you will receive outstanding services from this team.
- Alvin Hung (Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan) Email:

When I write English manuscripts, I often use Uni-edit English editing service. I have used other English editing services before but compared to them, Uni-edit’s editing quality is higher and the price is also reasonable. Their customer service in Japanese is also reliable,and the follow-up service is great too. Also, Uni-edit often completes their job earlier than the deadline and it makes me feel happy (lucky) too. I recommend Uni-edit.

- Ryo Momosaki,, School of medicine,The Jikei university

The Association To Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, Tamkang University, Gia Yu

Uni-edit provides fast and sophisticated translation service.  First of all, they answered my questions about translation topics very fast.  Second, the quality of translation is professional.  They help reading flow smoothly by not using vulgar words.  The price and payment instructions are exactly same and clear as they express on the website.  It is quite a good company which will take care customers in details.  Thanks Uni-edit and we look forward to the next cooperation.

- Gia Yu
The Association To Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, Tamkang University

Chinese Culture University  Department of International Business Administration Associate Professor Kyle Lin

I have asked for Uni-edit English editing team to help my several marketing articles until now. Their editors can not only understand the research content and provide appropriate suggestions for revision, but also the turnaround times and results of their works are conformed to my expectations. I believe strongly Uni-edit team is a trustworthy and affirmative English editing service provider.  I recommend it sincerely. 

- Associate Professor Kyle Lin, Department of International Business Administration, Chinese Culture University 

National Taiwan University, Department of Civil Engineering, Professor Keh-Chyuan Tsai

Our team has been working with Uni-edit in English editing for a long time. We are very pleased and satisfied with the results of the work. We are happy to recommend Uni-edit to all other professors and scholars.

- Professor Keh-Chyuan Tsai, Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University

Hiroshima University Graduate School of Engineering,Social Environmental and Space Division Assistant professor, Atsushi Teramoto

I've always been using Uni-edit English editing service since my former professor recommended their services to me. They helped me to write Reports, Conference papers and journal papers and their editing was detailed and satisfying. Uni-edit offers flexible Turnaround Time, reasonable price and easy-to-use service.

- Assistant professor Atsushi Teramoto
Graduate School of Engineering,Social Environmental and Space Division
Hiroshima University

Nagoya University, Environmental Studies, Professor Ippei Maruyama

I have used 8 different English editing companies for submitting my manuscripts to journals, but I feel Uni-edit's English editing is the most suitable one for my fields of study. So far they have edited my manuscript of 3 different academic fields and all of their work have satisfied me. I appreciate Uni-edit's support very much.

Their services are really flexible. For example, after having journal reviewers review your manuscript,you can ask Uni-edit to edit just certain parts of it. Also, you can use public expense for payment. I think their services are very helpful for profesors and researchers of universities in Japan.

- Professor  Ippei Maruyama
Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Nagoya University

My name is Hsueh-Fen Juan, a professor of Life Science in National Taiwan University.  The reason I have asked Uni-edit (University English Editing and Translation Service) edit 11 papers for me in just half a year is Uni-edit team really understand the rigorousness of academic and the importance of submitting deadline so Uni-edit always deliver files on time or earlier.  The chief-editor Ozy and Uni-edit team cares of each work from researchers and take care of them to problem free as well as fluently sincerely.  They will communicate with us if they encounter any difficulties or answer properly if we have any questions.  I would like to recommend the Uni-the edit team of professional services to other professors and researchers from the reasons I mentioned above.

- Professor Hsueh-Fen Juan, National Taiwan University

NTT WEST Osaka Hospital, Manager, Mr. Kazuhiko Kotani,

I have used Uni-edit English editing service twice. What I like about Uni-edit is that their editors (subject matter experts) give me appropriate advice on the structure and the point of argument of my paper. English written by Japanese authors usually looks clumsy but after having my paper edited by Uni-edit, the English in my paper looks very natural. Thanks to Uni-edit, the journal reviewer told me my English is fluent.

The editing fee is also reasonable and the turnaround time is fast enough. I’m satisfied with Uni-edit’s service and I recommend their service to everyone.

- Kazuhiko Kotani
Manager, Department of psychosomatic medicine
NTT WEST Osaka Hospital,

Ozy has edited more than ten research papers for me. I am very satisfied with his work. He always returned the revised papers on schedule and with the quality better than my expectation. Becen-ause he has both engineering and language specialties, he is capable of understanding the content of the papers. His suggestions are very helpful not only for the grammar or word choice, but also for the clarity of the important concepts I would like deliver in the paper. If you need serious editors for the research papers or other engineering documents, I sincerely recommend this rigorous and reliable editor to you. ”

- Shih-Chung “Jessy” Kang, Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University

National Taipei University of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Derick Kang, E-mail:

How to use "Precise" words in English papers is one of the most important factors as well as whether the international journal papers can be accepted or not.  After working with several well-known academic paper English editing and translation companies, I know they can edit native-like in American or British style papers with correct grammar.  However, it depends on editor’s "professional" and "careful" editing capabilities to use "precise" and "right" terms to express theauthor’s original meaning in the paper.  Since starting to request English editing service from Uni-edit (University English Editing and Translation Service), the terms used failurely had never occurred to my any more.  The quality of Uni-edit certainly deserves to be trusted to all academic authors.

- Professor Derick Kang
National Taipei University of Technology
Department of Civil Engineering

I had never used any English editing service when I wrote papers. Recently I started to use Uni-edit and I was very impressed because the editors edited my paper very thoroughly and well. Since then, I made it a habit to ask Uni-edit to check my English. Sometimes I even try to see the native English editor's reactions by using some new expressions which I want to use (even though I think those expressions are little strange). In most cases, these expressions are fixed by the editors.However, to be honest, I enjoy it very much because usually the edited sentences(expressions) are little different from what I want to express, and I can think (imagine) what made these differences.

- Nobuo Ishizawa
Nagoya Institute of Technology

National ChiaoTung University, Department of Transportation & Logistics Management, Professor Anthony F. Han

Each time when I encountered the complex issue of NP hard high in my papers, which is using heuristics to solve vehicle routing and crew scheduling, I would request Uni-edit to edit my papers.  Because it is a difficult question that can’t be solved by traditional mathematics rules.  It is an algorithm for solving a problem based on its characteristics.  The algorithm concept is very specific.  It needs to be written correctly, fluently and consistently in every sentences.  Uni-edit English editing service is the only service I trust and could help me a lot in English.  The editors would edit any words that not fluent first, then insert a balloon comment to ask me to check is it meeting my original meaning.  Usually, it takes 3 or 4 rounds of communication between authors and editors.  The turnaround time for 2nd or 3rd round is efficient.  Sometimes, it took 2 days only.  I appreciate their kind help and service on my papers. @-@

- Professor Anthony F. Han, 
Department of Transportation & Logistics Management,
National ChiaoTung University, 

I'm using Uni-edit English editing service for my academic writing. When I review my manuscript after uni-edit edits it, I can know which part of my manuscript (my Engliish) is not correct in details and I can learn a lot. Above all, I'm very satisfied with the kind attitude of Uni-edit's staff.

I recommend Uni-edit's English editing service especially to those who have never used an English editing service. I know they might feel anxious when using this kind of service for the first time. Probably they don't know what they need and how they should use an English editing service. But I believe that if you ask Uni-edit to edit your manuscript, everything will be alright.

The reason why I'm confident is that Uni-edit's kind customer service makes me feel at ease. They will even answer a very basic question for you.

Takuma Yoshida
Department of Science
Kagoshima University

I am very much pleased with Ozy's English editing services becen-ause his service feels like coming from a friend rather than an agent. No matter whether the articles I gave him are beyond his knowledge domains or not, he always tries his best to comprehend the contents of the articles and provides his professional editing